Dancing With No Shoes On - "An excellent album for the whole family."

Imagining Dancers listed as one of 2011's "favorite album" releases.

"Un musicista da conoscere per le sue qualità umane e per il suo talento."

Best Local Music Double Threat:
Chuck Cheesman’s Best Local Album of the Year (Imagining Dancers) and Best Album for the Kiddos (Dancing With No Shoes On)

Mountain Living Magazine's "Favorite Album" 2011

May 2011 Music Pick: "Some of the best tracks include "Sing for Love" a chugging song with dark country overtones; the workman's anthem "Piece of the Machine"; and the upbeat "Lucky Number." Imagining Dancers is this local singer-songwriter's most accomplished work."

"So last week I saw a name on the Roots Music Chart that I didn’t recognize Chuck Cheesman. So I downloaded his latest album Imagining Dancers and it only took the chorus of the first song “Drummer” for me to say hey this guy writes great songs!"

"This new CD skillfully straddles the line between contemporary folk and classic Americana rock, while still managing to stand out as its own creation. The sound is smooth, yet it has a distinct gravely edge." & "There is something untouchable just under the surface of his music that Flagstaff listeners will flock to, and the message of hope and survival will resonate with many locals."

Chuck Cheesman deserves greater recognition among young singer-songwriters and Campfire should achieve that goal.

Chuck Cheesman's version of The Dutchman is the best I've ever heard. Plus he is a fine songwriter and a very personal, engaging performer.

Best Folkie: Chuck Cheesman - The Editors' Choice 2006

Just looking at the cover art says it all: yes, it's a campfire but with something glowing and unique about it.

I got your CD today, and already I have listened thru twice. Great, great stuff...

Cheesman immediately reminds me of one of my favorite folk musicians Gary Jules, who remade the creepy Tears for Fears song that played at the end of Donnie Darko. If you like Mr. Jules, you’ll love Mr. Cheesman.


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